Therefore all seasons shall be sweet to thee,
Whether summer clothe the general earth
With greeness, or the redbreast sit and sing
Betwixt the tufts of snow on the bare branch
Of mossy apple-tree, while the nigh thatch
Smokes in the sun-thaw; whether the eave-drops fall
Heard only in the trances of the blast,
Or if the secret ministry of frost
Shall hang them up in silent icicles,
Quietly shining to the quiet Moon.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me - A MeMe

Sombra from Shadowlight has tagged me to do this Meme, fortunately it's a short one so I can fit it in very quickly. I'm not likely to be in Blogland much over the next couple of weeks because real life is just too busy. Not to mention that I am not at all amused by losing most of my previous post while trying to fix a link to be live. The posts take so long to do in the first place that it's like doing a painting then having someone scribble all over it - very frustrating! I am not a very weird person I'm afraid so I suspect this is going to be a touch boring:)

1. In a generation of working mothers I have always been a full-time housewife which most people seemed to find very weird! I'd had a well paid and interesting career in banking for 10 years before I married, but ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted to be a housewife. Four months after my wedding 34 years ago I resigned and have never regretted it.

2. I actually enjoy ironing! I taught myself to iron sitting down years ago and I put an audio or music tape on and off I go. I iron everything apart from socks and towels.A rack full of freshly ironed clothes or bedlinen gives me a lot of pleasure. Told you it was going to be boring!

3. I have a good memory though not as good as Sombra's - I can run various bits of my life through my mind like a film going back to when I was in my pram. They are silent movies though - everything is purely visual.

4. I like snakes and can handle them with confidence. My best friend S had two as pets when we were teenagers and it was my job to hold them while she cleaned out their tanks. We used to go to the fields near the river catching frogs for them as well.

5. I'm not bothered by heights if there is dry land below but I am terrified of heights with water at the bottom.

6. I have eaten crocodile in South Africa and smoked a hookah in Jordan - though I've never smoked in the usual sense of the word. Both were one off experiences I hasten to add!

So there you are - I told you it would be boring:) No tagging but do it by all means if you want to.

The photograph at the top is daybreak and at the bottom I caught the moon rising when I was in the woods at dusk waiting for the rooks to come in. It's impossible to photograph them without proper equipment though so it's another of my memory films.

I keep meaning to say in one of my posts that my erratic commenting on those blogs I'm a regular on is Blogger, not me that can't be bothered. I'm commenting as and when Blogger will allow me to, so if I don't comment that's why:)


Anonymous said...

You enjoy ironing..yes, thats weird Rowan...haha!
I avoid it like the plague. I've been tagged too, so I must give this subject some thought.
Your moon photograph is lovely.
Crocodile...hmm, I'm not sure about that, were you told it would taste like chicken ?
That is the usual response when questioning the taste of something unusual.

Remiman said...

I like ironing too. I iron all my clothes that require pressing. Not so many these days. I do my uniforms though. No one does it a well as I do. ;-)
Bloger does have a way of turning a fun activity to dirt every now and again.

I have excellent selective memory. (That's a male thing I think. Sombre excepted.)

Snakes...I have to say that I think that is odd, but we've trucked that road before.;)

I think your life is anything but boring. It's refreshing to witness someone revel in life as you do.

Granny K said...

Sorry to hear that your blog has gone haywire, I can understand your frustration. I wonder if it is possible to copy and save your entries elsewhere on your computer? I might give that a try.

I quite understand why you enjoy being at home. It's the best place to be!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Sombra said...

Rowan! Thank you for doing this meme! I don't think you're boring at all! Handling snakes...eating crocodiles and smoking hookas? My Dear lady, you are far from boring. And may I say that I have a great respect for housewives. They have a tougher job than most people. Keeping house, raising children...a lot work, and all done with love.
Have a wonderful day my friend :-)

Sombra said...

About your Blogger problem.
Go to Google and search for "Blogger Circle of the Year."
At the top of the list should come your blog. Press on the word "Cached" and you will get an old version of your blog, hopefully with the full original version of the post you lost.
This is how I recovered most of my old posts.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're boring at all! Especially the snakes part!!
My mom used to iron everything, too. I don't know if she enjoyed it but she certainly did it. And she was a full-time homemaker, too.

Your photos of sunrise and sunset are so pretty. You must live in a beautiful area.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Would you come and iron my clothes for me? LOL I have some vintage linen sheets and pillow cases which I have to admit, I do love being nice and ironed.
Really like that picture Rown and your meme isn`t boring at all.


Jacran Cottage said...

Your meme isn't at all boring! I was talking with my Mum yesterday about ironing and she still even irons tea towels and her underwear!!

I was thinking about you yesterday as I sat and watched Tales from the Green Valley! It was a very interesting show but I can't imagine really living like that.

Jackie in ON

Anonymous said...

Rowen hello and happy holidays to you.

I have seen you on many blogs I visit but have never ventured past the smile on your face......So! here I am today to say hello and I did enjoy your little meme and am going to take a moment to look at your other posts now. enjoy your day.

Becca said...

There is nothing boring about your post. Having worked far too many hours over the last 28 years of raising kids ... may I just say that you made the right choice by leaving the bank. I can see that now. And anyone who can handle snakes is not boring. Lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rowan, I have been meaning to stop by for some time now. I am trying to get around to visit those blogs that I haven't before. Yours is very nice! Your "Emperor of China" mums are so beautiful. I love the photographs of your views, and your dog looks like a sweetie pie, love the name!
Nice to meet you, and I hope you can stop by sometime.
By the way, ironing? You may think this weird, but I would rather smoke that hookah and handle a snake than iron!
(I can appreciate the finished product though.)
Thanks for sharing your answers, boring-NOT!!

Alina Chau said...

beautiful poetic photography!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Rowan. Maybe in this day and age, wanting to stay at home and being able to do so are oddities, but let me tell you that's exactly where my heart is, too. There's skill required in raising a family and creating a beautiful, comfortable, and inviting home--no, on second thought, that's an art. If this is weirdness, then I applaud you for it...and am more than a little envious.

As for snakes...? Now there we come to a parting of the ways!

Thank you for visiting Alix's Attic and leaving comments for my new blog. I hope you'll come 'round often!

Anonymous said...

thank you so very much for the lovely stocking and the wonderful stuff to fill it.
I got it posted over on my blog.

Endment said...

You came up with some fascinating responses for the "six wierd things" I really admire you for doing the things you like to do and want to do... Kudos to you!
Hope your bloging problems get resolved very soon!

Naturegirl said...

OHHH handle {{{snakes}}}
I don't know if I could!! That image on bottom is most beautiful!! I only iron pillow cases and nakins and spray what else but ~*lavender water*~ on them first!I cheat and send natureboy's shirts out to be laundered.

Patty said...

I like to iron too, and decided to stop working the very day I found out I was with child. That was 27 years ago and I have never regretted our decision for me to be a housewife.