Therefore all seasons shall be sweet to thee,
Whether summer clothe the general earth
With greeness, or the redbreast sit and sing
Betwixt the tufts of snow on the bare branch
Of mossy apple-tree, while the nigh thatch
Smokes in the sun-thaw; whether the eave-drops fall
Heard only in the trances of the blast,
Or if the secret ministry of frost
Shall hang them up in silent icicles,
Quietly shining to the quiet Moon.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

This is going to be a very quick post as I'll be leaving for the airport in a couple of hours. I'm all packed and ready to go, I'll be flying to London today and staying overnight then tomorrow afternoon I'll be flying to Boston. I had a lovely day yesterday as all of us went out for lunch to belatedly celebrate my birthday, both babies were very good and it was great to have everyone there together. This is just to finish up my Norfolk trip so that I can get straight into boring everyone with my US photos when I get back :) On the third day I decided to spend the morning at Gressenhall Workhouse and Farm ,they have a small working farm with rare breed animals which was originally the farm which supplied the local Workhouse with food. There's a rural life museum, a Victorian cottage and garden and all sorts of other things there and would easily provide a great full day out. I only had a couple of hours so decided to go round the farm. The photo at the top is the farmhouse.

You can go inside the downstairs part which is lovely, I'd be happy to move straight in there. This is the kitchen with a lovely old range on the left. Not quite so lovely when you had to blacklead it regularly I suppose:)

This one side of the scullery with the old mangle. I remember my gran using one of those and it was extremely hard work especially since she was only 4'11" tall. I was tempted to run off with a couple of those wonderful pieces of pottery!

The other side of the scullery with it's lovely deep sink and wooden draining board.

A pair of Suffolk Punch horses, the big working horses used for ploughing, carting etc. They are very rare now and I believe there are only about 360 left. They are lovely gentle horses even though they are so big.

The horseman was kind enough to unfasten one of them and bring him to the stable door to have his photo taken. I've somehown managed to make him look rather thin which he wasn't.

Red Poll cattle

Large Black pigs

I chanced to turn up at the same time as a group of vintage cars which were doing a travelling tour of Norfolk. This lovely green one arrived more or less at the same time as me.

The really special thing about these cars is that they were all steam driven!! I didn't realise that there were such things as steam driven cars.

Aren't they just great?

I also went to Dereham while I waited for the Farm to open, this is St Nicholas Church which was founded in AD654 by St Withburga though the church you actually see was built around 1200. Our friend Bishop Bonner was parish priest here at one time and his cottage (previou post) is just down the road from the church.

The font was made in 1488.

The interior showing the nave and chancel.

The detached Bell Tower was built between 1501 and 1536.

St Withburga's Well where the founder of the church was originally buried. It was a pilgrim shrine in Saxon times. I wouldn't mind betting that the spring feeding the well was originally a pagan site.

Naughty Abbott and monks! You will need to click on the photo to be able to read it properly.

That's it, I have an hour to get ready and have some breakfast then I'm off. Back in early October.


PAT said...

I meant to get over here before you left and wish you safe and happy travels!

I heard from someone in New Hampshire, last week, the leaves are changing. You will enjoy this trip! New England in autumn...glorious!

Have a wonderful time, Rowan. I'm looking forward to a trip report and your beautiful photos!


Anonymous said...

Lovely tour of the farm, Rowan, and I love those horses! I think I'm really a country girl at heart. :) Have a wonderful trip to the U.S. ... I hope you get a chance to see the Martha Stewart line at Michael's. Enjoy Barnes & Noble!! :) I'll look forward to seeing your pictures and reading about your trip. ♥


tash said...

It all looks lovely - I absolutely love going around very old churches, I always used to do it when I was little. They always had "that smell" which just says peace and quiet to me anyway.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Boston - and get home safely so we can hear all about it!

Leanne said...

safe trip Rowan! see you in October!

leanne x

sheoflittlebrain said...

Belated Happy Birthday Rowan!
I have greatly enjoyed the trip to Norfolk. Your px are wonderful.
The priests must have been enormously fearful to endure those hiding holes. You were brave to go down there!
I was fascinated by the apse at St. Mary's church. Do you know what they used as mortar to bind those little stones together?
I'm reading 'Tell Me How You Live,'
laughing a lot and loving it. I think E. will like it too.
Hope you're having a great time in the States!

The Crafty Weasel said...

What a lovely house! All the pictures are lovely - you make me want to move back to England!!

Oh the USA - will you be just in Boston? New England is my favourite part of the US - have a wonderful time!!

meggie said...

O I cant wait for more from you. Lovely post, & do enjoy your trip.

Julie Marie said...

Naughty monks is right!

Have a wonderful, wonderful trip in the U.S., Rowan. I won't be bored with your stories and pix when you return.


Amy said...

Lovely photos - have fun!

Janet said...

I'm so late getting here. You've already left but know that I've been thinking of you. I hope you have a wonderful visit on the East coast....sure wish it was the West coast!!

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you're enjoying yourself in Boston and a belated Happy Birthday! I agree that farmhouse kitchen looks wonderful but involves a lot of hard work!
Kim x

Sheila said...

I finally made it here to comment.
The photos of your Norfolk trip are lovely. The kitchen brings back memories of those in my grandmother's homes in the 50's, not all that much different from this.
I hope you have a delightful vacation in Boston, the weather should be just right for you.

kate said...


Visiting the Workhouse and Hall must have been wonderful. I would have been right behind you with the pottery. The Suffolk Punch Horses are beautiful - it's too bad they are so rare.

I loved the pictures from St. Nicholas Church. The font is magnificent and so is the Bell Tower.

Here's hoping you are having a wonderful time on this side of the Atlantic. Belated Happy Birthday!

Andylynne said...

What a fun trip, I love the Suffock Punches, and the Black Pigs.

miss*R said...

missing you Rowan xo ~ I received your parcel thankyou xoxo will email you when you come home
This post just about had me panting - that well.. yes, of course, it is a pagan site!!! yes, yes, yes.. 'they' stole them all from 'us' :)

Paula said...

I just discovered your blog today and have put it in my favorites. The photos are lovely! I have added some of your Desert Island books to my reading list.

Thank you for brightening my day.

Monique said...

Hi Rowan, I hope you're doing OK.
I miss reading your posts.
I have moved since. You can find me at my new spot by clicking my name !!!
Have a great time.

Love from The Netherlands !!!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see photos of the US! The photos of your visit to the farm etc are so interesting. I cant beleive how knowledgeable you are. I do love the animals. We went to the Dorset steam fair and saw a team of Suffolk Punch horses pulling a beautiful traditonal cart. they were great to see.