Therefore all seasons shall be sweet to thee,
Whether summer clothe the general earth
With greeness, or the redbreast sit and sing
Betwixt the tufts of snow on the bare branch
Of mossy apple-tree, while the nigh thatch
Smokes in the sun-thaw; whether the eave-drops fall
Heard only in the trances of the blast,
Or if the secret ministry of frost
Shall hang them up in silent icicles,
Quietly shining to the quiet Moon.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Morning

Bilbo Baggins and I went up on Blackamoor this morning, this is our usual morning walk these days. It was windy but very mild and, being early we had it entirely to ourselves.

The Blacka Dyke was dancing past the moss covered rocks about twenty feet below the path we were on, I love this part of the stream, it always seems a magical place to me.

A little further up the hill and set back from the path behind elders and silver birches is this holly bush which is still covered with berries.I left it untouched when I was gathering my holly and I suspect most people didn't even notice it:)

At the top of the hill is this beautiful weeping silver birch, it is beautiful at all seasons of the year but I love it best in winter with the delicate tracery of its branches outlined against the sky. I have better photos of it taken in different weather conditions but this is how it looked today.

B Baggins again, he's never far away from me on all my walks and I don't take his photograph as often as I should - he's pretty fit for a dog who will be nine years old in March.

This fragile looking lichen in the palest of greens is almost like a flower.

I have no idea of the age of this wonderful beech tree but I think it must be very old, it's a wonderful and huge tree with a canopy that spreads over a wide area.
I should think that what is in the photo is less than half of its full height.

There is still a surprising amount of fungi around and this little patch of warm yellow nestling at the foot of dead tree caught my eye. I have absolutely no idea what it is - any suggestions?

As I walked back up the lane to my car there was a thunder of hooves as William, Holly and Melissa galloped up the field to say 'Hello'. I was so busy talking to them that I never thought to take a photo! As I turned away and walked to my car I suddenly saw this gorse bush covered in flowers, a lovely spot of colour on what was quite a dull morning but definitely not a dull walk.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures !!! Bilbo Baggins is turning grey too, just like our Miss Charlie.
Have a wonderful day.

Bovey Belle said...

What a lovely walk you had. We got no further than the bridge because the new cat chose to accompany us!

MorningAJ said...

What a gorgeous walk. I went out for a wander today and saw a few of the same things. There are lots of fungi out, aren't there?

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Thank you for the very lovely walk.

Rosie said...

What a lovely walk you and Bilbo Baggins had. Blackamoor looks and sounds a wonderful place for a quiet, restful walk. We had a lovely walk yesterday morning, too - it was good to get out into the fresh air after the festivities of the day before:)

Janet said...

Bilbo Baggins looks very handsome in that first photo. You're so lucky to have such a beautiful area to have a walk and with such a wonderful companion.

Mac n' Janet said...

Lovely walk Rowan, I envy you your ability to identify trees, I recognize oak, maple and willow, beyond that I'm lost.

Diane said...

Great walk Rowan - so much to see. xxx

Thimbleanna said...

It's been lovely to catch up on your posts Rowan -- you're always so inspiring. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Roy said...

A lovely area to walk D.
Redwings and Fieldfare will soon be after those Holly berries.

Gracie said...

Thanks for taking me along with you one more time in that beautiful landscape! I will be in London in january and I will follow some of your tips....
Have a really good new year!

WOL said...

Mr. Baggins is quite camouflaged in both his pictures. He does look very fit for a 9 year old. pretty yellow flowers on the gorse.

laoi gaul~williams said...

lovely walk thank you :)

here we have a lot of gorse in flower and a huge amount of assorted funghi...i have become quite obssessive about taking photos of them all!

Catherine said...

Love your wintry photos and atmospheric blog. Great you found me and now I have found you, seasons greetings:~)

Jo Potter said...

Hello Rowan,
Lovely to see you again after such a long time away. It looks like you had a lovely time on Boxing Day!
Bilbo is a sweetheart and his coat blends in well, in the winter landscape. ;-)
Wonderful photos. I'm looking forward to snow now.
Happy New Year and Best wishes for 2012.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Rowan!
Your header says it all, winter has arrived.
Happy New Year my dear!
Hugs Rosemary...xx

Unknown said...

Wow, you do have a lot of followers and loads of people giving comments. I guess it takes time, but have been happy with the traffic passing through amberarmy over the first couple of days. Notice you do not follow Starting to update that again regularly now - Christmas pics and pics of the girls.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a lovely walk, and such a handsome fellow to accompany you. I love the idea of looking up and seeing a Holly Bush, I do believe I should put that on my list of 2012 plantings. Wishing you a Happy New year, from across the pond, Julie.